Horse riding

Horseback riding for holiday guests

The "hobbyhorse" of the Bio Holiday Park!

Our large riding school is specialized in therapeutic riding for all with a (complex) disability. Our specially trained and very experienced riding staff will help your child with a lift into the saddle and accompany him/her on horseback. In a playful way your child experiences a feeling of balance, relaxes certain muscle groups and can increase his self-confidence. The direct body contact with the horse, its warmth and movement have, in addition to a beneficial effect on the body, often also a magical, relaxing effect on the child.

The riding school in the Bio-forest is run by the National Centre for Riding for the Disabled (NCPG).

Riding together! This is possible with Bio!

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When booking your holiday, we advise you to make a reservation directly with the riding school. The reservation department will be happy to put you through to the reception of the riding school. Unfortunately the ridingschool is closed from July 31th to August 20th. 2023

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