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Challenging programme of activities

Make music together at the campfire? Playing exciting bingo with the other holiday guests? Dancing in the sports hall? Would you like to see a film with new friends at the Bio cinema? Or how about a painting course in the forest? All this is possible at Bio! Every year during the Dutch school holidays our dedicated animation team organises a challenging activity programme for all children. Of course, also for brothers and sisters. The idea of our animation team is to create sociability, connection and a real holiday feeling.

Of course, we also think about the parents. The beauty of the Bio resort is that children can savely participate in an activity, relatively independently or under the supervision of the animation team. Parents can just relax, read a book or enjoy the sun on the terrace together.

For our animation team - consisting of volunteers and interns - the most important thing is that every child can participate in an activity. Each in its own way.

The program always has a specific theme and is very varied with activities in sports, crafts, theater or music making, disco, games. And of course, it's also part of it to watch a film in our own cinema! There are also experiences for the whole family. For example, we organise a quiz evening, a BBQ or a campfire. Wonderful moments also for parents to make new acquaintances and spend a nice evening together.

Doing beautiful things together. That's possible with Bio!

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