Who is the Bio Holiday Resort for?

Criteria for a stay at Bio Vakantieoord

Basic criteria for a stay at the Bio Holiday Park:

  • Family with at least 1 disabled child;
  • during the Dutch school holidays, families with young (school-age) children have priority over bookings;
  • outside the Dutch school holidays, all guests with a physical and/or mental disability are welcome.

The Bio Holiday Park is a place in the Netherlands for families with a disabled child. Our staff is enthusiastic about providing a pleasant, carefree and affordable holiday for all guests, with as much individual attention as possible. We offer fully adapted bungalows equipped with all the necessary facilities. Our entire park, including the swimming pool, the riding school, the cinema, the petting zoo and the playground, is completely adapted to people with disabilities.

Mental, physical or "invisible" disability
The Bio Holiday Park is primarily intended for families with one (or more) children with a mental and/or physical disability and their siblings. Families with children with "invisible" disabilities such as autism are also welcome. Due to their disability, they often cannot use a regular Holiday Park.

Age categories
During the school holidays, the age limit for renting a holiday bungalow at Bio is 25 years for the disabled person. However, we also know that age is not always the decisive factor. Individual adaptation to the needs of the individual is always the starting point. During the Dutch school holidays, we offer, with the help of an animation team, relaxing activities tailored to the needs of the disabled child and its siblings. Outside school holidays, guests with disabilities and their families and/or carers of all ages are welcome in our park, subject to availability.

The final decision on a lease lies with the management
In case of doubt about the disability of a person within the family or group for whom a holiday is reserved, the management reserves the right to decide whether or not to rent a bungalow. In this way, we want to avoid disappointing those who urgently need a holiday with adaptations and facilities because there is a lack of available bungalows.

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