Adaptions and aids

Adaptions and aids in the Holiday Park

The Bio Foundation Park is a unique Holiday Park, as all accommodations and facilities are fully adapted and equipped with all the necessary standard facilities.

The Bio Holiday Park was originally built as a children's rehabilitation centre. All accommodation and facilities are very spacious. The bungalows have very wide corridors and also wide sliding doors, mostly electric. The bathrooms are also equipped with shower beds and wheelchairs. Almost all bedrooms have a direct connection to a bathroom. In most holiday homes the living room and the kitchen are very large, so that even bedridden guests can easily participate in the cosy get-together in the living room.

As a standard, each bungalow comes with a passive lift, a height-adjustable shower couch, a shower chair and several height-adjustable beds. The site plans of the various bungalows show you where you can find which aids per bungalow.

Additional aids are available and can be ordered when you make your reservation. For example: height-adjustable children's beds, special beds ("Oslo & Softfit"), an active lift, a playpen, a height-adjustable baby/small child bath, a height-adjustable shower chair, bed gallows, a baby monitor, etc. You can specify your wishes when booking. We will be happy to help you wherever we can.

The Bio swimming pool also has a number of standard lifts, shower beds and a wheelchair. On this wheelchair or the shower beds your child can easily get into the water with the help of two hydraulic lifts. Of course, there is also a slightly sloping staircase for the children, who can walk independently.

All other facilities in the Holiday Park are, of course, completely designed for children with complex disabilities.

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