Snoezelen in het Bio Vakantieoord

Snoezelen at Bio

Fancy a moment with few external stimuli? Or is it just necessary? Relax and play at the same time with different sensory aids; this is possible in our two Snoezel rooms. The small room can accommodate up to 3 people and has a warm, cosy atmosphere. In the big room there is a "Living Surface", where your child in a wheelchair can touch virtual fish or play with dolphins together with his little brothers and sisters. You can also virtually throw footballs or balloons back and forth.

The bungalow Nemo has its own Snoezel room. In the bungalow Speedy Gonzales there is a mobile Snoezel trolley with two Hydro Flex water chairs, one of them with vibration function. Do you live in another bungalow? Then you can also rent a mobile Snoezel trolley at our MeetingPoint. Or try "Qwiek" and project the most beautiful, soothing pictures onto the ceiling of your bungalow!

Together snoezelen! That's possible with Bio!

Just with your child snoezelen? Reserve a Snoezel room at the MeetingPoint.

Living Surface

In the basement of the "ketelhuis" (boiler house) you and your family can have a spectacular experience with our "Living Surface". Projection creates a virtual world. But this world is also interactive! The projection reacts to the movements of people in space. So you can simply play football with a ball that is not there or catch fish with an invisible fishing rod!

How it works

Sensors register the movements of people standing on or around the projected image. These movements lead to action in the image and are accompanied by sound and music. Various effects are available for an impressive, interactive playing field. The "Living Surface" can be used very well by the accompanying persons during motor exercises, e.g. during rehabilitation. The pushing away of a balloon leads to a musical and visual effect and motivates to (even) more actions. The interactive floor is already used in Alzheimer patients and various groups with one or more disabilities.

What is Snoezelen?

Snoezelen is a relaxation-oriented activity in which sensory stimuli create a personal world of experience. The word Snoezelen is a combination of two Dutch verbs, namely "snuffelen" (cuddle, snuffle) and "doezelen" (doze). So "Snoezelen" is a collective term that conceals various elements. Someone with a severe multiple disability can experience Snoezelen in an atmospheric, quiet ambience with soft background music and dimmed light at his own pace and in his own way. This low-irritation environment is designed for the use of the senses through light, sound, touch and smell. Years of experience have shown that someone with a severe multiple disability is able to make a certain choice in such an environment with or without help. In practice, it is usually the case that a helping hand is needed.

In the Snoezel room there is, among other things, a waterbed and a "touch area". Touch objects occupy an important place in a Snoezel room. The presence of mirror surfaces increases the spatial effect and gives the room an additional dimension. In the room, the visual experience takes centre stage. The entire room can be seen as a large projection surface on which something can be projected at various points. If you do this, for example, on white plastic spheres, there will always be different results. The image seems to bend, resulting in a kind of three-dimensional effect. The floor and ceiling also serve as a projection surface, just like your own body. Glass fibre lamps, fluorescent curtains, mirrors with fluorescent materials and mirror balls (disco balls) can further enhance the optical effect. A wall with glass fibre cords shining in different colours creates a "waterfall" of light.

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